How to install an eSIM

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How to Install eSIM on smartphones

Do I need an eSIM? What is an eSIM, exactly?

An eSIM can be thought of as a digital SIM card, essentially a downloadable variant of the conventional physical SIM card. It resides within your mobile phone and enables you to link up with networks in various countries worldwide.

When embarking on travels, an eSIM offers an excellent means of accessing local networks in a foreign country at a reasonable cost. By utilizing prepaid data plans, you have the autonomy to determine the amount of data you wish to purchase.

How to use a travel eSIM card on vacation
How to install eSIM on your Phone

What are the alternatives to eSIM?

Prior to the adoption of eSIM by travelers, they had a few choices:

• They could swap their SIM card upon reaching their destination, which resulted in losing access to their usual SIM card and phone number.

• They could opt for carrier travel plans, which involved paying a significant daily fee (typically ranging from 12€ to 20€ per day) to utilize their data plan from their home country.

• Another option was pay-as-you-go roaming, which meant incurring high charges for every unit of data consumed by their device outside their regular coverage area.

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When do I install the eSIM?

We consistently advise installing an eSIM when you're connected to a robust and dependable internet connection (such as Wi-Fi or mobile data). This way, you can avoid any disruptions during the download and installation of your eSIM (digital SIM card) onto your device.

If you have purchased an eSIM data package for your upcoming trip to Turkey, it's advisable to install and configure your eSIM while you are still at home.

When do I install the eSIM?
How to activate eSIM on your Phone

What are my eSIM installation options?

Every phone and tablet that supports eSIM technology, such as iPhones, Google Pixel phones, and Samsung devices, offers the choice of performing an eSIM installation using a QR code or manually.

Each of these methods takes less than two minutes in total.

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