eSIM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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eSIM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked Questions & Answers

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When does my data plan start?
Once you have scanned the QR code on your phone, your eSIM will be activated and your data plan will begin.
Please note that you will not receive a new number. You can continue to receive calls or make calls yourself using your usual number.
Is it possible to renew or extend the data plan of my eSIM?
It is not possible to extend or renew the data plan of your eSIM. However, an alternative would be to purchase an additional eSIM card, which can be easily delivered worldwide via email.
Which smartphones work with the eSIM?
On the following page you will find all the devices that are compatible with Turksim eSIM. > eSIM Compatible Devices
How do I set up my eSIM on my phone?
After you make a purchase, we will send you an email with a QR code. We recommend that you set up the eSim on your phone before your trip. Once the QR code is displayed on your device, you can scan it by going to Settings > Mobile data > Add data plan.

Your smartphone will allow you to name the new data plan and distinguish it from your regular plan. You can always choose between the different plans and services. Please keep your regular provider's connection before your trip and connect it for all calls and services.

When you arrive, simply activate data roaming on your smartphone and select the line you set up earlier. For more information on how to set up your eSIM, please refer to the iOS and Android user guide and the enclosed eSIM manual.
Can you make calls and send SMS messages with an eSIM?
The use of eSIM allows access to mobile data only and does not include a local number for receiving or making calls or messages.
How can I check how much data volume I have used?
There are two ways to check the consumption of your data volume: Either check "Data roaming usage" on your phone or check the data usage statistics. Unfortunately, our support team is not able to send notifications for this at the moment.
Is it possible to share the data volume with other devices?
Yes, you can use the data volume of your eSIM on other devices. To do this, create a personal hotspot on your device.
When will I receive my eSIM?
Once you have purchased the eSIM, you will immediately receive a confirmation and the QR code to the email address you provided.
At what time should I set up my eSIM?
Set up your eSIM before you leave so that when you arrive at your destination, all you have to do is activate the data plan and turn on mobile data. If you don't set up the eSIM before you leave, you'll need Wi-Fi at the airport to make this quick and easy and start using your data plan right away.
How can I keep my number on WhatsApp?
You don't have to do anything to keep your number on WhatsApp. Your old number will be kept unless you activate a new number on WhatsApp.
What data speed can I achieve with the eSIM from TurkSIM?
Your TurkSIM eSIM supports the highest possible data speed (5G/4G/LTE) that is available locally in the country. Only in regions with limited network coverage, the speed may be lower in some cases.
How often can I use my eSIM?
Your eSIM can only be installed on one device. It is not possible to use the same QR code for multiple devices. However, you can share your data volume with multiple devices by creating a hotspot.
After the data plan expires, how can I remove the TurkSIM eSIM?
It is optional to remove the eSIM at a later time. If desired, the user manual can be consulted on how to delete the eSIM on iOS and Android.
What should I do if I have lost or deleted the QR code of my eSIM?
If you have difficulties finding your code, please contact our customer service at One of our representatives will help you via email.

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