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eSIM Device Checker: Find X5

Quickly check if your Find X5 can use eSIM to enjoy its many benefits.

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Seamlessly Compatible: Unlock the Power of eSIM with Your Find X5
Your Find X5 should support eSIM
Let's ensure it's not restricted to any specific carrier or network.
  • Open the Settings on your Oppo device.
  • Navigate to "About Phone" or "SIM & Network" (depending on your model).
  • Look for an option mentioning "eSIM" or "eSIM Information".

If these options are present, your device is likely eSIM compatible.

Alternative method:

  • Dial *#06# and press call.

If your device displays an EID number, it's eSIM compatible.

Please note, certain carriers may have policies preventing unlocking within the initial six months of use.

*eSIM availability may vary depending on country/region and carrier. Please contact your carrier or device manufacturer to confirm that your Oppo device is eSIM-capable.‍

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